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Sienna Corporation attaches a lot of importance to environmental health and safety issues. We recognize our responsibility in ensuring a secure and healthy work environment to all our staff working in our manufacturing facilities around the globe. We also understand the requirement for technology that does not have a harmful impact on the environment and also does not hinder the preservation of natural resources.

Sienna has put in place a Safety program that addresses the hazards in the work environment and their permissible limits. We have developed an emergency plan to handle accidents and regularly conduct emergency drills to acquaint our employees about the program. To innovate technologies that are effective yet easy on the environment has been our constant endeavor. We use only approved chemicals and treat our waste content ensuring a safe disposal of the same. We completely comply with all the laws and regulations imposed by the State Authorities in the given regions.

To implement environment friendly processes, we have a team of professionals who take up the responsibility of checking whether all our procedures are in compliance with the EHS regulations. We conduct EHS audits regularly once every 3 months to monitor the effect of our activities on the environment and the possible hazards in the workplace. We also review our practices on a regular basis and tackle the changing needs with regard to environmental laws. Sienna also takes steps to inculcate and promote a sense of responsibility among all our staff towards the protection of the environment.

All our processes are in harmony with the environment and the people who work in them. We believe in building a cleaner future and a safer community.

Turnkey Assembly

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