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System Integration  
System Integration

Sienna Corporation offers end-to-end manufacturing solutions to all our partners. We have production facilities around the globe covering a broad spectrum of vertically integrated services, ranging from backplane assemblies, sheet metal fabrication and assembly, electromechanical assembly, printed circuit board assembly and prototyping. We have applied our total integration solution model to various products like switches, routers, modems etc. and also have the necessary capabilities to test fully integrated products before packaging.

Our ability to assemble the products and monitor and streamline your supply chain irrespective of the volume and complexity of manufacturing guarantees faster time to market, cutting across delays that are inherent while moving components from one facility to another. Our total integrated approach starts right from the bill of material, proceeds to configuration study and finally to end product shipment. We also provide dedicated warehouse spaces to manage and maintain inventory flow and logistics for our partners. This ensures flexibility, increased responsiveness, high scalability, improved product cycle time, rapid delivery and reduced costs.

We undertake direct orders, configure-to-order and build-to-order assignments to optimize inventory hold and keep up with the fluctuations in demands in your end markets. We offer transparency of operation at our shop floor to ensure that our partners are constantly updated about the work in progress and the status of milestones stated in the schedule. Our innate and consistent quality control programs ensure quality throughout the product life cycle and that all products are built to customer specifications. Continual improvement techniques have helped us in improving and maintaining the quality of our work over the years.


System Integration

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