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Sheet Metal Fabricators  
Sheet Metal Fabricators

Managing an optimized inventory is one of the crucial operations in the electronic manufacturing industry. The increased volatility in market leaderships has led Sienna to provide value added services to our partners in the form of inventory management for OEMs. We understand the necessity for greater agility in responding to the changing market demands and have adopted information technology systems to support us in this endeavor. To enable a better means of communication and transfer of information between our suppliers and partners, Sienna has created an online information system that can store and allow access of necessary data on a periodic basis thus cutting heavily on inventory costs. We have warehouses specifically modeled for our inventory needs and the entire inventory is managed by a team of efficient professionals. Our facilities enable us to store components ranging from sub assemblies to fully integrated products. We have strong logistic partners and channel members to drop ship products as per our customer requirements.

Manufacture by forecast is an important aspect in effective inventory management. At Sienna, we constantly interact with our OEM partners to understand their production needs and depending on the volume of the forecast, we provide production and warehousing facilities even before the real demand is realized. We initially monitor the product demand and evaluate the optimal lot size. The optimal manufacturing lot size decides the cost effectiveness of the production process. The frequency and the volume of the production runs are then evaluated to enable just-in-time delivery to our partners. We have been able to integrate a range of production and control methods to implement this and Kanban philosophies across all our units.

We have synchronized our inventory management system with our supply chain operations to ensure better inventory maintenance, inventory record accuracy and inventory access speed. In close association with our partners, we have repeatedly succeeded in reducing purchase order transaction costs and in fulfilling inventory needs.

Sheet Metal Fabricators

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