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The electronic manufacturing industry is evolving continuously and newer technologies come into fray every other day. In this scenario, optimal manufacturing performance is imperative and defining the processes involved in the development of a product attains critical importance. This requires understanding of the effect of individual parameters at various stages in the whole process.

As processes gain dominance over products and time becomes a differentiator for market survival, process engineering gains greater priority. As the costs of inspection for quality control and assurance increases, the need for focused, metrics-based methodology is gaining relevance. This emphasizes the need to refer to historical data during the process development phase to infer quantitative results. Sienna is fully aware of this truth and uses Statistical Process Control tools for this purpose. At Sienna, we divide the process into strategically relevant stages so that we can estimate the effect of variations in these stages on cost and also the existing and potential sources of differentiation. We define the quality of a process by introducing a predefined way of defect classification and using process parameters that cause variation as a means to identify the inconsistencies in the process defines. We perform an SPC analysis to re-engineer an existing process.

Sienna Corporation believes in efficient communication across various disciplines, cutting across virtual walls, to ensure effective technology transfer. We conduct a process walk-through to gain an idea on the cross-functional effects of the particular process. The rule is "not just faster but smarter and efficient processes''. We have a structured plan for reviewing our processes that includes statistical and analytical tools and overall process charting.

The synchronization between various strategies is essential for building a robust process. At Sienna, each process is analyzed through extensive brainstorming sessions and scientific methods. Once the parameters and characteristics are identified, the metrics for calibrating the processes are chosen and the repeatability and reproducibility of the processes are determined. The processes are then immediately transferred to the production floor to ensure that the advantages are immediately passed on to our partners.

All our solutions are aimed at enhancing the quality of our services and so have a customer-centric approach. The needs of our customers are clearly understood and translated into effective solutions. The constant re-engineering of our processes is an assertion of our commitment to provide quality solutions and services to our customers.

Turnkey Assembly

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