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Sienna group represents a group of companies that complement each other’s work. The group comprises of

Sienna Corporation
Sienna Corporation
AvalonAvalon Technologies
EmantrasEmantras Interactive Technologies

Sienna Corporation is a leading global provider of electronic manufacturing services focused on providing superior quality end-to-end manufacturing solutions to leading OEMs across various industry segments. Located in Fremont, California, Sienna was founded in June 1995 in response to the growing need for fine quality contract manufacturing services at competitive prices. Over the decade, the organization has grown in value through our strong associations with our partners in various industry segments. We provide turnkey solutions and value added services with a speed that is beyond industry standards.

Sienna caters to some of the most innovative companies whose products have revolutionized the use of electronics in their respective industries. Over the years, our ability to accelerate new product development, prototype, shorten product life cycles and improve time-to-market has made us the chosen manufacturing partner to many of our customers. Our main goal is to run your mission critical and time sensitive operations while you can build on your core competencies.
Avalon Technologies is the group’s volume manufacturing facility located in Chennai, India, with capabilities for System Integration, PCB Assembly, Cable Assembly and manufacturing of various kinds of metal components and enclosures.

Emantras Interactive Technologies is a professional web services and media development company offering innovative solutions to customers in various industry segments. We combine technology and creativity to build customized applications and interactive solutions that enhance our customers’ business. To have a better idea on the services offered, please visit www.emantras.com

Electronic manufacturing services

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