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It involves the creation of a result-based design method that offers the customer a quick glimpse of the intended designs and processes. The advantage is that the inherent flaws in the design are exposed at the initial stages of product development and can be taken care of early. Sienna offers prototyping facilities to our global partners at all our production facilities. Our manufacturing services can be provided as a complete package including expert design, manufacturing and testing services. We review all the prototype assemblies to check if they meet manufacturing specifications and explore the production feasibility and volume viability aspects along with our customers design teams before putting up the design for production. Speed of development, quality of product and cost-effective service are the important factors that have put us ahead of competition. We can develop prototypes in just a few days.

Sienna uses the philosophy of Design for Manufacturability to test and review the prototype before it enters volume production. In collaboration with our partners’ teams, our DFM engineering group checks whether the design that is being developed is optimized and robust for volume production and we use strategic methods for this verification. Thus, our services allow our partners to greatly cut down on design revision time, ensure better quality of product and also increase yield. A few other augmented benefits of our DFM services are repeatability of processes, design improvement and traceable evolutionary stages of product design. Sienna Corporation's DFM is a proven design methodology which proactively designs products to optimize all manufacturing functions.

In partnering with us, our customers can reap benefits such as

PrototypingMinimum documentation
PrototypingReduced lead time between product design and production
PrototypingReduced design flaw
PrototypingAvoid expensive tooling costs
PrototypingDesign for Manufacturability review
PrototypingSmooth transition from prototype to volume production


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