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Sienna is dedicated to providing quality manufacturing solutions and exceptional customer service to all its partners. Our industry-best products and services are developed with quality work and customer satisfaction as the primary objectives. We are achieving this goal by adopting a focused and process-based Quality Management System and rigorous quality assurance standards.

At Sienna, the different activities and resources are managed as a process and not viewed as isolated entities. We measure our quality standards through the efficiency and effectiveness of processes, and quality of products. To ensure that this approach is followed throughout the organization, we have implemented total quality management practices and statistical process control tools. We have embraced the TQM philosophy by fostering a company wide focus on customer satisfaction and improving organizational performance. Statistical process control is employed throughout the organization as a basic tool to monitor, control and evaluate all our processes.

The outcome of following such critical processes and practices has been emphatic. Our manufacturing locations are ISO 9001:2008 certified and Avalon will achieve the Global Automotive Quality Standard, TS 16949:2002 by the turn of the year. All our associates have established an ISO compliant quality system and comprehensive documented processes to ensure consistent quality. We inspect our PC board Assemblies to IPC-610C.

Quality metrics are estimated periodically and include defects per million and defects per unit. Variations are monitored and controlled by taking effective measures like devising control diagrams, cause-effect diagrams, histograms etc. Having adopted a process oriented approach, the main emphasis is laid on defect prevention rather than defect detection. The cost associated with inspection, low yield and rework is drastically reduced because of this approach. Our quality teams constantly search for inherent causes of variation and try to re-engineer the processes. Reliable data is constantly documented by the quality department for the later process appraisals.


Though all our services and products match international quality standards, continually reviewing and improving our processes has helped us stay up-to-date in the market place and deliver our services with a quality surpassing customer expectations. Efficient employee training programs have enabled the practice of this philosophy at all levels and departments in the company. Sienna Corporation reassures its quality to all its partners through strategic initiatives like

Wire Harness Supply quality control
Prototyping Software tools for process study
Prototyping Investing on employee learning
Prototyping Developing performance metrics

Through continual improvement procedures, we are able to continuously innovate in our processes, stay ahead of competition and provide more value to our customers. A diligent and experienced staff complements the quality department, which has met the challenge of fulfilling the needs of various industries, as well as commercial companies.

Sienna is also closely approaching six sigma standards by adopting statistical methods in reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. Six Sigma in our organization simply means a measure of quality that drives us towards near perfection. We implement a disciplined, data-driven approach and focus on process improvement and variation reduction for eliminating defects in all of our manufacturing processes. Our tools include the following.

Automotive Electronics Process Mapping [IDENTIFYING CTQ's]
Automotive Electronics Failure Mode and Effect Analysis [FMEA]
Automotive Electronics Process Capability Analysis
Automotive Electronics Sigma Rating Calculations
Automotive Electronics Control Charting
Automotive Electronics Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility Analysis

We use two sub-methodologies - DMAIC and DMADV to approach the standards. The Six Sigma DMAIC process (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) helps in achieving incremental improvement in the existing processes that fall below specifications. The Six Sigma DMADV process (define, measure, analyze, design, verify) is an improvement system used to develop new processes or products that have to meet Six Sigma quality standards.

Sienna Corporation is committed to continually improve its Quality Management System and to achieve Customer Satisfaction by supplying reliable products at competitive prices.

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal

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