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Turnkey Assembly  
Turnkey Assembly

Sienna Corporation provides highly cost-effective complete Turnkey solutions that include services starting from engineering design assistance to worldwide shipping and distribution to our OEM partners in various industries segments. Our electronic and electromechanical assemblies are tailor-made to match customer specifications. Our strategic procurement locations in Southeast Asia help us dramatically reduce your per unit costs in spite of adhering to the quality requirements at the highest level.

Sienna is a one-stop, end-to-end solutions provider for Turnkey Assemblies. We take care of your products right from procurement stage to production while you can concentrate on your core business functions for a better market realization of your products. We can also help you with value-added services like documentation for any user guides or manuals, handling global logistics or inventory management for the assembled product. The highlights of our services include

Maintaining state-of-the-art technology with constant re-investment to upgrade the existing capacities. We can handle prototyping, pilot run or high volume production effectively.

A web-based supply chain that will help in procuring all the necessary components depending on the requirements.

Offering logistic facilities like drop shipment and dispatch on request.

A highly motivated team of well-trained and experienced professionals deployed to meet all our production needs.

Special warehouses for inventory management that facilitate multiple storage. All our inventory and production processes support just-in-time requirements.

We offer electromechanical assembly, PC boards assemblies and back plane assemblies, cable assembly, fiber optic assembly, sheet metal, system integration and system and component testing services. We adopt some of the most effective management practices to reduce customer and vendor lead times and shorten the manufacturing cycle time. We have extensive experience in offering turnkey solutions to a variety of industries. Some of them are Networking, Industrial automation, Telecommunications and Consumer electronics.

Turnkey Assembly

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