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Information technology has extended its arms into a lot of spheres and manufacturing sector is no exception. Virtual manufacturing involves the use of computer models and simulations of the manufacturing processes as an effective aid in the design and development of products and act as a crucial tool in all stages of decision and control. Sienna Corporation has expertise in this technology and has implemented strategic design and engineering for leading OEMs.

Our facilities are generally design-centered units offering, simulation facilities to optimize the design features and to evaluate production requirements, to accomplish any specific manufacturing target. We have an open architecture virtual manufacturing system with modular structure for planning, designing, prototyping and manufacturing resource planning. The various modules have been designed to provide a flexible technology that supports complex manufacturing environments and is decomposed into well-regulated functions and interfaces. State-of-the-art software tools have been utilized along with the Internet for different modules and are then interfaced to a common database.

As the market tolerance to error and the time to re-engineer is becoming lesser, the policy that Sienna adopts is "design it right the first time". We have implemented support tools to enhance the effectiveness of communication between the design and manufacturing units spread out in various geographic locations. The materialization of digital convergence across the globe has further narrowed the information gap between the different units. Sienna offers an integrated package for manufacturing support starting from prototyping and pilot production all the way to volume production, testing, logistics and order fulfillment. Our virtual manufacturing facility can offer:

Machined PartsVisibility
Machined PartsMarket innovation
Machined PartsFlexible manufacturing facility
Machined PartsLower cost
Machined PartsBetter product life cycle management

Machined Parts

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