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Transparency and information sharing with partners are the key to effective supply chain management and the web plays an important role in enhancing this process. The Internet is revolutionizing the way business organizations are working. Competition is becoming stiffer by the day and new opportunities for outsourcing of mission critical manufacturing services are emerging at a fast pace. Sienna Corporation has adapted its functioning smoothly in line with this technology upsurge and utilizes a web-centric approach towards the supply chain management. This medium enables digital convergence ensuring better sharing of information and broadens the scope of collaboration with our global partners.

We have implemented many tools that enable tight collaboration across organizational and national boundaries and they offer greater transparency of operations by extending real-time visibility deep into the shop floor. This is crucial as all OEMs narrow their focus from vertical integration to developing their core values. The Internet overcomes communication barriers thus improving responsiveness to customer demands and reducing time to market. We believe in translating this increased efficiency into shorter life cycles and lower production cost.

This real time communication helps to streamline all the supply chain activities through the right channels. It synchronizes the flow of information and materials, thus preventing obsolete inventory and slashing down on costs. Our web-centric approach to supply chain management can make our conventional production lines a transparent extension of your facility. This model offers a better and shortened product life cycle. As the movement of information is unhindered, details regarding shop floor status can be easily transmitted to partners in the supply chain allowing quick decision-making. Sienna offers our partners all the necessary tools so as to enable them to utilize the web-integrated model to enhance their products and processes. Adopting quicker and improved communication techniques using the web has led to the manufacture of better products with fewer defects, improved functionality, and lower cost. The result is increased revenue for our partners and better service from us.


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